Visit the Capitol

The Mississippi Capitol is a beautiful historic building that every Mississippian should visit and is open year round.

Groups – Senator Doty welcomes visits while the Legislature is in session and will make special arrangements to meet your group during out of session times as well.  The Capitol is often crowded during session, but your group may experience a fiery debate, a close vote, or meet the Governor in the hallway.  Docents are available to lead tours of the Capitol but must be booked several weeks in advance.  Please contact Senator Doty or her assistant as listed above to schedule your visit.

Individuals – If you are in Jackson during the session and want to visit, please come to the reception desk at the entrance to the Senate on the third floor on the east end of the Capitol.  The receptionist will let Senator Doty know that you are at the Capitol and see if her schedule will allow her to meet briefly with you.  You may also watch the Senate proceedings from the gallery on the 4th floor.  The Senate usually convenes for floor action at 10:00 AM.